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Chronic fatigue syndrome affects between 836,000 and 2.5 million Americans. These individuals experience almost constant exhaustion, despite efforts to combat such. 

While it can be difficult for sufferers of this condition to fend off fatigue, there are options available. One such option is to take energy supplements. 

Interested? Looking for the best energy supplements for chronic fatigue? Then read on, because we're going to review the best below. 

What to Look for in an Energy Supplement

First, you might be wondering: what makes a good energy supplement? There are a number of characteristics to look out for, and they include the following: 

The B Vitamins 

The B Vitamins are vital to producing energy in the body. There are 7 of them, which you should look out for in an energy supplement. These include B1, B2, B3, B5, B7, B9, and B12 

Perhaps the most important of these is Vitamin B-12. It helps to form red blood cells in the body. These are responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood, thereby supplying the cells with energy. 

Vitamin B-12 deficiency is directly correlated to fatigue, not to mention weakness. Because humans are frequently found to be deficient in it, it's imperative that it's contained in your dietary supplement so as to boost energy.

The other B Vitamins provide a variety of additional roles that help facilitate energy production. Most importantly, they help convert food into energy, and help the body absorb nutrients. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is vital as well. This vitamin helps to combat oxidative stresses, thereby regulating energy in the body. In particular, it aids the adrenal glands, ensuring that they don't release too much cortisol, a stress-inducing hormone. 

By reducing cortisol levels, Vitamin C reduces stress. Seeing as stress tends to have an exhausting effect on the mind and body, Vitamin C effectively works to stave off fatigue. 


Your chosen supplest should contain iron as well. Iron not only helps deliver oxygen through the blood, but it also regulates cell function. In doing so, it staves off anemia, a condition that leads to weakness, reduced cognitive function, and, yes, fatigue. 

You should be consuming ample iron through food on a regular basis. Unfortunately, some people struggle with absorbing iron. Menstruating women, in particular, are highly susceptible to iron deficiency. 

Because of this, it's vital for your energy supplement to contain it as well. 


Magnesium is just as important as iron when it comes to combating fatigue. If you're deficient in magnesium (and many people are), you could experience symptoms like weakness, nausea, and vomiting. 

Any decent energy-related dietary supplement will contain magnesium. It's as simple as that. 


There are a number of compounds that your supplement should contain as well. These are what takes a supplement above and beyond, giving it the ability to truly boost energy. 

Some compounds to look out for include DMAE, caffeine, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, and Bioperine

What Are the Best Energy Supplements on the Market in 2023?

There is no shortage of energy supplements on the market in 2023. That said, which are at the top of the heap? They include the following: 

Blue Collar Nutrition Mind Fuel

First up is Mind Fuel from Blue Collar Nutrition. This supplement is specifically designed to improve mental energy, in particular. Not only does it improve memory, but it subdues brain fog as well, leading to a more alert mind overall. 

It contains over 40 ingredients, including an array of vitamins, minerals, plants, and compounds. These include but aren't limited to magnesium, Bacopa, and DMAE.

These supplements are tested in a lab, thus ensuring that they're of high quality and safe for human consumption. If it's enhanced mental energy you seek, Mind Fuel has you covered. 

Blue Collar Nutrition Before Work Fuel

Find yourself powering down in the middle of your workday? If so, you should consider using Blue Collar Nutrition Before Work Fuel. This supplement offers not only enhanced mental energy but enhanced physical energy as well. 

Using Citrulline and Bioperine, it reduces fatigue. With the help of caffeine, it gives the body a much-needed boost. And with ingredients like L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine, it provides focus. 

Like Mind Fuel, this is tested in a lab for optimal quality and safety. If you need a supplement that can push you through a long workday, look no further than this one. 

Blue Collar Nutrition Refuel

Looking for an instant boost? If so, you should consider purchasing Blue Collar Nutrition Refuel. This is a fast-acting energy supplement that gives you that kick you need at a moment's notice. 

It contains all sorts of ingredients, from amino acids to caffeine to green tea to Theobromine and much more. These ingredients work together to facilitate almost instant mental focus, not to mention cognitive function. All the while, they combat oncoming fatigue, allowing for the best performance possible. 

Refuel is great before a workout, before a workday, and before a big event or meeting. It will take your mind to its optimal level, allowing it to perform when absolutely needed. 

Like Blue Collar Nutrition's other supplements, this one is tested in a lab. As such, you can be sure that it offers top-notch safety and functionality. 

Blue Collar Nutrition Torch

The last energy supplement we're going to review is Blue Collar Nutrition Torch. This supplement is good not only for combating fatigue but for assisting in weight loss as well. It's great to use both in the gym and at home. 

There are all sorts of antioxidants contained in Torch, not to mention appetite suppressants. These work together to diminish food cravings, resulting in less food eaten throughout the day. 

However, this supplement doesn't let the burn of fewer calories get to you. To counteract the effect of fewer calories consumed, it offers a hefty shot of caffeine, not to mention ingredients like green tea and the like. It will provide you with an instant shot of energy, helping you fight fatigue actively. 

Other benefits of Torch include reduced bloating, mental clarity, and body detoxification capabilities. In essence, Torch does a little bit of everything. 

Like all other Blue Collar Nutrition supplements, this one is tested in a lab. So, when using it, you can expect optimal functionality and safety. 

Torch works well as a workout supplement, a day-long energy booster, and much more. Regardless of what you need it for, if it involves increasing your energy levels, it will accommodate you. 

The Benefits of Energy Supplements 

Now, you might be wondering: what exactly can energy supplements do for you? The specific benefits of energy supplements include the following: 

Increased Focus 

One of the biggest benefits of taking energy supplements is that you'll be more focused. Instead of being distracted by other things going on in the room, you'll have mental clarity to zone in on the object at hand. 

This will help you be more productive at work, school, or any other place where you're trying to finish projects or improve yourself. 

Greater Cognitive Function 

It's not just increased focus that you'll experience from taking energy supplements. You'll also experience greater cognitive function. In other words, your mind will work more quickly, and you'll have an easier time connecting logical dots. 

When exhaustion kicks in, this is one of the first things to go. And if you lose your cognitive function, keeping up with projects and meetings can be a terrible struggle. 


We've all experienced the feeling of being half asleep. Our eyes are heavy, motions slow, and reflexes lumbering. This can make it exceedingly difficult to get through or enjoy a day. 

This is where energy supplements can make a big difference. Taking energy supplements helps you feel awake and alert, and thus makes for a much more enjoyable life altogether. 

Reduced Fatigue

As a day passes by, both physical and mental fatigue begin to present themselves. The more fatigue there is, the harder it can be for a person to tend to their responsibilities. Plus, who likes feeling tired all the time? 

Fortunately, there's a way to combat fatigue. Namely, you can take an energy supplement. Energy supplements have all the vitamins, minerals, and compounds needed to keep a person feeling boosted. 

Enhanced Mood

In many cases, energy supplements can enhance a person's mood as well. So, if you're used to waking up on the wrong side of the bed, consider adding an energy supplement to your repertoire. 

You'll feel more awake and alert, thus allowing you to live life in the present. This will facilitate a more positive experience overall, thus facilitating a more positive mood. 

Looking to Buy the Best Energy Supplements for Chronic Fatigue? 

If you are, indeed, looking for the best energy supplements for chronic fatigue, you're in the right place. Blue Collar Nutrition has you covered. 

We sell a wide variety of energy supplements, including Mind Fuel, Torch, Before Work Fuel, and more. These will give you the boost of energy you need to live life to the fullest. 

Check out our selection of energy supplements now! 

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