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Age is inevitable, as is testosterone decline. As we age, our energy levels, libido, and mood take a nosedive. And while reducing stress, taking a break, and eating a healthy diet could help compensate. Not everyone can afford the luxury of early retirement. 

Blue Collar Nutrition Hammer blasts your body with test waves. Unlike artificial testosterone boosters, Hammer contains a blend of natural herbs that increase your T levels without side effects.

It increases your libido, improves your mood, and supercharges your energy levels. So, you can work, and engage in physical activities without suffering any repercussions.

  • Pump up Your T Levels: Hammer is packed with natural herbal extracts and L-arginine that help increase your energy, libido, and treat erectile dysfunction.

  • Fire up Your Energy: Hammer supercharges your body with natural energy boosters like eleuthero, Tongkat Ali, and zinc. These compounds support the immune system and regulate enzymes and hormones.

  • Helps You Gain Muscle: The Quassinoids and Eurycomaoside present in Tongkat Ali extract are believed to boost athletic performance and increase muscle mass.

  • Reduces Fatigue, Increases Endurance: Higher T levels result in a bigger, faster, and stronger body. The hormone is what strengthens your bone structure and boosts your endurance and stamina.

  • Lab Tested & Manufactured in a FDA Registered Facility: Blue Collar Nutrition products are third-party lab tested for purity. They are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility in the United States to ensure superior quality.