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Nitric oxide is a poisonous gas found in rocket exhaust and grain silos. Inhaling it could cause you to asphyxiate, or suffer damage to your lungs. Yet in small amounts, it's a quintessential element in your body.

Among the many supplements found in an online store, you'll no doubt spot a dozen or so with the label nitric oxide. There are so many to choose from, all of them advertising the compound's potent effects. How do you decide which is the best nitric oxide booster?

In this guide, we take a look at what the nitric oxide supplement is, what it does, and how to choose the right one.

What Is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric oxide, also known as N.O., is a gaseous substance made of nitrogen and oxygen. Outside your body, it appears as a colorless gas with a sweet smell. It's usually a byproduct of other processes, so it appears in only small amounts in the atmosphere.

Inside the body, though, it's a critical component of your body's function. Let's take a look at the ways that it helps your body to improve itself.

What Nitric Oxide Does

N.O. performs the crucial job of a chemical messenger. Neurotransmission, or the ability for your neurons and nerves to share information, is critical to efficient body function. Better neurotransmission leads to improvements in cognitive areas as much as physical ones.

Nitric oxide also affects hormones and their release. Hormones are the body's main drivers, so to speak. They put the gears in motion for building muscle, helping you sleep, bumping up your sex drive, and more.

N.O. is also a form of vasodilator. Vasodilators lead to better blood flow by opening blood vessels.

You will find nitric oxide as a natural component in the food you eat. In particular, nitrates. Nitrates are most common in leafy vegetables and drinking water.

Like most things in the body, you produce less of N.O. as you age. Your body may produce half as much by your middle age as it did when you were in your youth. Less of it may lead to negative effects, so increasing those levels may be beneficial.

Nitric Oxide Uses

Studies have suggested that consuming a nitric oxide supplement can lead to a wide range of benefits. That includes improvements to cardiac health, exercise performance enhancement, erectile dysfunction treatment, and more.

As a neurotransmitter, nitric oxide may help improve your memory and digestive system. It may aid the production of healthy insulin and the necessary growth hormones. The improvement in blood flow can also strengthen your immunity and increase inflammation in order to combat infection.

Here are other things you might use it to treat:

  • Hypertension and high blood pressure
  • Artery disease
  • Angina
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Muscle soreness

Nitric oxide may help with a prescribed treatment, such as one for erectile dysfunction. It's a good supplement to take even with no particular condition in mind. For example, as an addition to your existing workout recovery supplement.

What Is a Nitric Oxide Booster?

To be clear, your body already produces nitric oxide naturally in very small amounts from the food you eat. Without it, your organism would shut down and cease to function. Despite this, it's good to take a supplement to increase it just as you might take multivitamins.

A nitric oxide booster is a type of supplement that helps your body produce more of this vital compound. Like most supplements, nitric oxide will often come in a powder or pill form. Powder is the most common.

This is because nitric oxide works best when you ingest it. There are bacteria growing on the back of your tongue that aid in the process of reducing N.O.'s nitrate contents to the nitrite needed to form nitric acid.

Thus, you can maximize nitric oxide when it comes in a drinkable form. Rest assured, the powder will have a delicious flavor so you can mix it with water and make it into an enjoyable drink.

What Does a Nitric Oxide Booster Do?

Instead of pure nitric oxide, a nitric oxide supplement comes in the form of amino acids. Your body then breaks this down to produce, you guessed it, nitric oxide.

So, nitric oxide booster ingredients include two amino acids: L-citrulline and L-arginine. 

Nitric Oxide as a Performance Enhancer

Looking to increase your gains at the gym? Nitric oxide may be able to help.

Circulation is critical during your workout. More blood flow means more oxygen gets to your brain and muscles. Your muscles need oxygen to function, so it only makes sense that reduced circulation would limit your sets and gains.

Circulation is also critical after your workout. Your body begins the repair process of stitching back together the microtears induced by rigorous exercise. Again, blood is the bedrock of the healing process, and thus more is better.

Nitric oxide causes your blood vessels to expand, increasing blood flow both through arteries and capillaries. This is, as you would expect, beneficial to both the workout and the healing process.

Nitric oxide makes sure your muscles have a bountiful stream of blood to work with while pumping iron. Then, when you're in recovery, there's more to go around for rebuilding those muscles.

Qualities of the Best Nitric Oxide Booster

You're at your online supplement vendor again, deciding which N.O. supplement to put in your cart. You see dozens of options for nitric oxide boosters, but you're unsure which to choose. Let's consider some important factors when making your decision.

Lab Testing

Lab testing on animals prevents humans from taking supplements that may present harm. Without lab testing, or human testing for that matter, there's no way of knowing what a supplement could do to you.

Only purchase a supplement (and therefore nitric oxide) if it has undergone lab testing. Anything else is suspect.

FDA Approval

The FDA is the gold standard when it comes to high-quality medicine. Getting FDA approval is extremely difficult, as this government institution puts supplements through a long gauntlet of testing and auditing. Since the FDA is a federal government agency whose job is to protect public health, financial incentives don't sway them.

Prioritize a nitric oxide supplement that has FDA approval. This ensures it's a cut above the competition and safe for you to consume.


Sourcing quality amino acids like L-citrulline and L-arginine can be expensive. So to cut costs, some manufacturers may try to get it cheaper. Or, they cut it with other chemicals and compounds to "water it down" and reduce costs.

Cheaper supplements won't give you the same results. At best, these components do nothing to your health. At worst, they could be detrimental.

Check the label and look for high purity ratings. Check the ingredient list for any additives. The best nitric oxide booster will include high-quality, high-purity amino acids for your health.

Ideally, you should see a certificate of testing from a third-party lab. This isn't the lab testing mentioned earlier. Rather, this is a professional chemical analysis of the N.O. for purity and quality.

A Supplement for Your Needs

Nitric oxide boosters can sometimes serve specific needs and conditions. For example, many market themselves primarily as a workout supplement. If you use said workout supplement to treat a health condition, a gym mix may not be ideal.

Find N.O. boosters that work toward the goals you are trying to achieve.


Of course, the FDA and a third-party lab can verify the quality and purity of a supplement. But perhaps most important is what the actual users are saying. Get a sense of how effective a supplement is by reading online reviews about it.

You can find these reviews everywhere. Some will be on the seller's website, others will be on health blogs and YouTube review channels.

See if your favorite content creator, such as a YouTuber or Instagrammer, has discussed the use of nitric oxide. This could be a workout guru or a health expert. There's a good chance they have tried the supplement you are eyeing for quality.

Seller Reputation

Reputation is no less important in the Internet age. Some sellers have terrible reputations due to a past history of deceptive practices. Consider asking around to see if anyone knows about the supplement you are interested in.

You can get a sense of this reputation while you are perusing blogs and review sites. Take note of comments and discussions in forums. Get a sense of the company that makes the supplement, and use that to inform your buying decisions. 

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Nitric oxide is a vital component of your body's everyday function. With the help of a nitric oxide booster, you may improve digestion, memory, circulation, and much more. Take care when you purchase it, as not all nitric oxide boosters are the same.

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