Our Mission

Welcome to the Blue Collar Nutrition Family! 

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality Vitamins and Supplements for Blue Collar Workers.  Our founder has been a blue collar worker for over 20 years and has set out to help other blue collar workers get healthy and understand nutrition!  Blue Collar Workers are athletes using their bodies as a resource to make a living, and this can take its toll on their bodies. Too many times, we have seen hard working men and women break down physically and mentally because of poor nutrition. Understanding how to give your body what it needs for proper maintenance will keep you healthy longer, and it will also help you be your best every day at work and at home! 

Proper Nutrition is a marathon not a sprint! It’s about what you do day in and day out that gets long term sustainable results! Blue Collar Workers take pride in their trade by buying the best tools and gear to help them complete their tasks, but too many times we’ve seen them neglecting their own bodies day after day and year after year resulting in many different types of health issues. We are here to provide top quality “tools and gear” to preserve and maintain your most important asset  YOUR BODY! Your body is your temple and is the only one you get, so treat it like you would treat your most precious asset because it is! 

We source all our products in the USA, and they are third-party tested for purity and potency. Quality matters, and we strive to bring you the best products with no fillers. We are committed to helping Blue Collar Workers get healthy and achieve their goals no matter what stage they are at in their career.

"Nothing will work unless you do." Coach John Wooden

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”     John C. Maxwell