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Have you been feeling exhausted these days? 26% of the working class lacks energy, motivation, and interest, often due to work-related stress.

Apart from exercising and resting, how can you recover from the overwhelming work? Taking energy supplements is an extra solution for a tired body. Vitamins can give your body an extra boost and help protect you from getting sick or hurt on the job.

However, not all vitamins are created equal these days. So, which ones are worth the investment? Read on to discover the best vitamins for energy!

Vitamin B12

Did you know that a decrease in hemoglobin can lead to fatigue?

Hemoglobin transports oxygen in your body. When you have low oxygen levels, your organs and tissues cannot perform at optimal capacity. This can result in shortness of breath, weakness, and fatigue.

If you're lacking in vitamin B12, try the Before Work Fuel by Blue Collar Nutrition. This supplement forms red blood cells carrying oxygen. Once it arrives at the body cells, it absorbs the gas for energy production.

This boosts your energy levels, allowing your bones and muscles to recover from fatigue more quickly.

Vitamin B Complex

B vitamins play a vital role in maintaining your health and well-being. They impact cell metabolism, brain function, and energy levels.

Vitamin B complex carries thiamine, riboflavin, and other B vitamins. They can boost your energy levels by converting food into energy.

Vitamin B complex can prevent infections and promote cell health. Mind Fuel from Blue Collar Nutrition is the best multivitamin for energy, packed with essential B vitamins. This is also a good supplement for mental clarity, which can help you improve productivity at work.

Vitamin C

One of the best vitamins for energy is vitamin C. Its benefits include protection against cardiovascular diseases and immune system deficiencies. The lack of vitamin C in the body results in easy bruising and fatigue.

If you have low energy levels, eat foods rich in vitamin C. Citrus, strawberries, tomatoes, and spinach are some of them.

Aside from providing energy, vitamin C is an antioxidant used to manage oxidative stress. It is an essential nutrient for your body, especially if you deal with high stress due to work.

Failing to care for your body can leave you prone to inflammatory disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. Get your vitamin C with Multi by Blue Collar Nutrition. This is a good multivitamin for immunity and will give you the energy you need to get through the day. 

Vitamin D

Do your bones and muscles feel weak or achy when you're tired? These are some signs of fatigue. However, these are also well-known symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.

Apart from extensive activities, the lack of energy can result from vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D supports bone growth and a healthy immune system, making it an essential supplement for the body. Unfortunately, a report shows that 35% of adults are vitamin D deficient.

Getting under the sun is the best natural supplement for energy. You can also eat foods rich in vitamin D, such as fatty fish, egg yolks, and soy milk.


Like vitamin B12, iron plays a significant role in oxygen circulation in the body. It is an essential mineral for the proper function of hemoglobin. Moreover, iron helps in maintaining body cells.

An iron deficiency can cause you to feel weak and sluggish. You may even find it difficult to focus or lock in at work. If left alone, an iron deficiency can impact your work performance.

Manage your iron intake to avoid poor performance at work. Almost all in one, this mineral is present in Mind Fuel. Aside from the supplement, you can include sources of iron in your diet.

Aside from taking supplements, you can include sources of iron in your diet. Some are spinach, beans, and tofu. To maintain proper iron levels, eat iron-rich foods and take iron supplements.

However, be mindful of taking iron supplements. If you must, consult your doctor about your symptoms.


Magnesium is necessary to keep the nerves and muscles in working order. It maintains blood pressure and blood sugar at the right level.

When your magnesium level is low, your calcium and potassium levels decrease. Everything it maintains can waver. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency include nausea, high blood pressure, and muscle spasms or tremors.

If you show signs of low magnesium, get tested. You can visit your nearest local hospital or administer the test yourself. Include nuts, leafy greens, or fish in your diet.

One of the best supplements for B vitamins is Mind Fuel from Blue Collar Nutrition. The product contains different nutrients essential to body functions. From B vitamins to magnesium, it equips you with the necessary nutrients.


Does your work involve manual labor?

Creatine is a great supplement for muscle recovery. It is a type of amino acid found in muscle cells. As a building block of protein, it can build muscles and repair damaged tissues.

With regular intake, you'll notice improved endurance and performance. In addition, it helps you to recover more quickly after doing labor-intensive tasks.

Blue Collar Nutrition offers a specific product rich in this type of amino acid. Creatine Monohydrate can give you an energy boost, supporting cognitive function, performance, and health.

It's also a good supplement for muscle gain if you like hitting the gym.

The Best Vitamins for Energy: Which One Is for You?

Living in a fast-paced society can make anyone feel tired. Despite resting, exercising, and practicing a healthy diet, exhaustion can wear you down. Taking energy supplements alongside a healthy lifestyle can boost your energy.

At Blue Collar Nutrition, we offer quality energy supplements, including the best vitamins for energy. Our team believes that helping you keep your body healthy can help you achieve your goals. Check out our store or contact us today to find out which of our supplements is right for your daily needs.

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