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Everything you need to stay motivated and energized at work and home.

The 3 work in tune to help you reach maximum productivity and energy at work and help you recovery after. So you'll wake up refreshed and ready to do it again.

Before Work Fuel, Refuel, and After Work Recovery all have lists full of benefits but I have broken them down into 3 simple steps.

1. Energy + Focus

2. Energy + Recovery

3. Recovery + Immune Support


The ultimate pack for the blue collar worker.



 Start the day with Before Work Fuel designed to boost energy and focus. A clean and healthy boost of energy that wont make you crash. With zero added sugar and the right formula to jumpstart your mind and body Before Work Fuel will be a staple in your everyday routine! 

▪ Get a clean smooth boost of energy

▪ Enhance focus 

▪ Boost stamina

▪ No crash


Your afternoon or anytime energy Refuel formulated for midday or anytime use keeps you elevated and begins the recovery process.  Featuring all your essential amino acids and clean caffeine this can be a game changer for anybody who wants to maintain peak performance!

▪ Refuel your energy levels 

▪ Start recovering

▪ Maintain mental focus 

▪ Essential amino acid benefits


Finally you get After Work Recovery featuring BCAA's with added Glutamine. After Work was designed for the blue collar worker who puts in that extra work! Recover faster, stronger, and protect your immune system! With zero sugar and zero stimulants this is perfect to take before bed after a long hard day of work!

▪ Dramatically reduce soreness 

▪ Repair and build muscle

▪ Aids in immune support 

▪ zero sugar