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Enjoy your well-deserved meal at work without feeling sluggish or tired. Remove bloating, gas, and heartburn from your daily discomfort list. 

Blue Collar Nutrition unveils the ultimate digestive aid pack. These products add natural probiotics to your diet to help your digestive system break down food faster. They eliminate bloating and keep you feeling fresh and energized while you're at work.

  • Facilitates healthy digestion
  • Clears up bloating
  • 40 billion CFUs of probiotics per serving
  • Veggie capsules
  • Promotes healthy Skin


Biotic formula is effective in reducing gas and bloating as it contains probiotics and other good bacteria such as lactobacillus. It eliminates bloating and digestive problems and supplies you with 40 billion CFU of probiotics per serving. It is the most important compound that regulates your digestive system.


Digest is an excellent aid to healthy digestion. It consists of 10 full spectrum enzymes to eliminate bloating and supports your digestive system. Digest also contains natural probiotics that support your body in breaking down fats, carbohydrates and proteins faster, and better.

  • Lab Tested & Manufactured in a FDA Registered Facility: Blue Collar Nutrition products are third-party lab tested for purity. They are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility in the United States to ensure superior quality.